IC KA2132

Pin Details of IC KA2132

Substitute : TDA1044

Functions :
1. Vertical oscilator
2Vertical output
3.Geometrical Distortion circiut
4.Feedback circuit
5.Vertical blangking

Pin No.FuctionsVoltage
1.Geometrical distortion circuit to improve vertical linierty3.4
2.Feedback(output to input negatif feedback circuit)3.8
3.Feedback(output to input negatif feedback circuit)0.8
4.50 Hz. Frequency output to to vertical deflection coil6
5.Positif supply to final vertical ampli. or vertical output18
6.Vertical blanking generator(vertical blanking pulses)(50Hz)1
7.Positif supply from sync separator18
8.Vertical sync input(50Hz.)from sync separator0
9.N C in the CircuitNC
10.Vertical; oscilator (Linier saw tooth generator)(50Hz.)1
11.Linier saw tooth generator control or vertical Hold6
12.Supply for linier saw tooth generator or vertical oscilator supply7

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