Pin Details of IC TDA1870

Substitute : TDA1670(A), TDA1675

Functions :

Functions Voltage
1. It is one output of the power amplifier.It drive the yoke by
a negative ramp current (50Hz.)
2. Supply voltage for power output stage 21.4
3. Vertical oscillator (50Hz.) 3.4
4. Vertical oscillator (50Hz.) 0.5
5. Input for sync pulses(+Ve)(50Hz.) 0.4
6. Output of the switch drive by the internal clock pulse generated
by the threshold circuits
7. The current between Pin No.7 and ground decides the height
of the ramp (sawtooth Pulse)
8. Ground (-Ve supply voltage) 0
9. Input of the buffer (output)stage 3.9
10. Output of the buffer stage and is internally connected to the
inverting input of the power amplifier
11. Non inverting input 4.4
12. Inverting input of the amplifier 4.3
13. Output where the blanking pulse is available 1.2
14. Main supply voltage 21.4
15. Output the flyback generator 1.4

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