IC HA 1144

Pin Details of IC HA 1144

Functions :

  1. IF AGC Amplifier
  2. RF AGC Amplifier
  3. PIF Amplifier
Pin No. FunctionVoltage
1.Video IF coil
2.Positive(+Ve)supply voltage(VCC1)
3.Video IF amplifier variactor(variable voltage)
4.Video IF amplifier variactor(variable voltage)
5.Positive(+Ve)supply voltage(VCC2)
6.IF AGC Control(Keyed AGC)
7.Ground(-Ve)supply voltage
8.IF AGC amplifier input (keyed AGC)
9.Tuner supply voltage
10.Not Connected
11.RF AGC amplifier (keyed AGC)
12.Video IF amplifier input
13.Video IF amplifier input
14Video IF coil

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