Pin Details of IC TDA 2581 and TDA 1582

Functions :
  1. Horizontal phase detector
  2. Pulse width modulator
  3. Horizontal oscillator
  4. Error Amplifier
  5. Horizontal driver stage
1.Phase detector output1.5
2.Horizontal flyback(blanking)pulse(15625Hz.)Input0
3.Horizontal sync pulse input0
4.Re-start count capacitor1.2
5.Slow start and transfer characteristic ( voltage varies )up-down
6.Over current protection input0.7
7.Over current protection input6.8
8.Feedback output to input6.3
9.Positive (+ Ve supply voltage )13
10.Reference voltage input6.8
11.Horizontal output (15625 Hz.)2
12.Duty factor adjust2
13.Oscillator timing network1.3
14.Reference voltage (saw tooth oscillator)1.5
15.Reference stage input (saw tooth oscillator )1.9
16.Ground (-Ve supply voltage )0

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