Pin Details of IC TDA2579

Functions :
  1. Horizontal phase detector
  2. Sync separator
  3. Horizontal oscillator
  4. Horizontal driver (output )
  5. Second phase detector for storage compensation of Horizontal output
  6. Vertical oscillator
  7. Vertical trigger circuit
  8. Vertical driver (output)
  9. 3 level sandezstle pulse generator
  10. Video trasmission (mute)
1.(50Hz.)Vertical frequency,output3.4
2.Vertical feedback0.9
3.Vertical oscillator frequency (50Hz.) control (V-Hold)4
4.Vertical ramp (sawtooth)generator7.3
5.Composite video signal with negative going sync pulses,input3
6.Sync separator6.6
7.Noise inverter5.1
8.Horizontal oscillator phase control loop 1 (sync pulses to oscillator) 3.3
9.Ground (-Ve supply voltage )0
10.Positive (+ Ve supply voltage)11
11.15625 Hz. frequency output1.4
12.Flyback ( blanking ) pulse ,input 0.1
13.Video transmitter identification, output10.6
14.Phase adjustment2.6
15.Horizontal oscillator ( 15625 Hz. ) 5.5
16.Start supply 9
17.Sand castle , output1.4
18.Coicidence detector, video tranmitter identification circuit5.8

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