IC GL-3401

Pin Details of IC GL-3401

Substitude: HA 11423


  1. Sync separator
  2. Harizontal AFC
  3. Horisontal oscillator
  4. Horizontal output (pre-amplifier)
  5. X-ray protection
  6. Vertical oscillator
  7. Vertical driver
  8. Vertical blanking generator
Pin No. FunctionVoltage
1.Vertical blanking pulses output(50Hz.) 5.6
2.Vertical pulse(50Hz.)output 1.1
3.Not Connected NC
4.Vertical driver 3.8
5.Vertical oscillator (50hZ.) 6.6
6.Vertical feedback(output to input) 3.8
7.Positive (+Ve)supply for vertical section in IC 11.2
8.Vertical oscillator (50hZ.) 4
9.Not Connected NC
10.Vertical sync or trigger(50Hz.) 4
11.Vertical sync output(50Hz.) 1
12.Ground (-Ve supply voltage) 0
13.Sync separator 3
14.Sync signal input 3.2
15.Sync signal input 3.2
16.15625Hz.Flyback (blanking)pulse input(AFC) 2.8
17.15625HZ.controlled voltage to horizontal oscillator 5.9
18.Horizontal oscillator(15625Hz.) 5.4
19.Positive (+Ve)supply for horizotal section 10.2
20.Horizontal frequency output(15625Hz.) 2
21.Not Connected
22.Not Connected
23.Not Connected
24Ground (it is also used for X-ray triggering circuit)(Fail safe)

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