IC CA 3194

Pin Details of IC CA3194

Functions : Luminance and Chrominance (Video and colour )

Pin No. FunctionVoltage
1.Ground(-Ve terminal ) 0
2.Regulated chroma output(colour) 8.5
3.Saturation control is connected externally to this pin.The pin 3 voltage is clamped to 0V during colour killing conditions 0 to 5
4.Chroma signal input to chroma amplifier with AGC 2.1
5.Output of sample and hold circuit which samples the outputs from the burst gate PAL ident flip flops 0.3
6.Automatic colour gain control capacitor 8.6
7.Automatic phase control capacitor 8.3
8.The output of the sample and hold circuit for the reference 10.6
9.90° shifted reference oscillator frequncy input 6.9
10.Reference oscillator frequency input without any phase shift 2.6
11.Reference oscillator output 3.5
12.Positive supply(+Ve terminal) 12
13.Input pin for sandcastle pulse 0.1
14.Input for U or (B-Y)signal 3.5
15.Input for V or (R-Y)signal 3.5
16.Blue colour signal output 5 to 7.4
17.Green colour signal output 5 to 7.4
18.Red colour signal output 5 to 7.4
19.Input for peak beam limit information 1.8
20.Y or luminance signal input to luminance amplifier 1.8
21.Clamp capacitor 10.2
22.Contrast control (connected externally)varies bias of this pin 0.5 to 3.5
23.Brighness control input 0 to 8
24.Input for average beam current limit information 1.8

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