Pin Details of IC TDA 2590

Substitute : A255D , TDA2591 , TDA 2593
Functions :
  1. Sync Separator
  2. Vertical Sync Separator
  3. A.F.C
  4. Horizontal sync Separator
  5. Burst gating and Horizontal blanking pulse generator
1.Positive (+Ve supply voltage)12
2.Positive (+Ve supply voltage) output stage (Trigger pulse input)12
3.Horizontal trigger pulse output (15625 Hz.)1.2
4.Selection of output pulse duration0
5.Decoupling capacitor6.5
6.Horizontal flyback (blanking)pulse (15625 Hz.) for 2nd phase comparator0.2
7.Sandcastle (Horizontal blanking pulse) output (15625 Hz)1.8
8.Vertical Sync output (50 Hz.)0.2
9.Sync pulse input1.6
10.Noise separator input2.2
11.VCR switching ( Coincidence )5.7
12.Time constant switching ( third phase coparatior )2.2
13.First phase comporator output6.1
14.Ramp ( sawtooth ) oscillator capacitance 6
15.Horizontal frequency ( 15625 Hz. ) adjust (H-Hold)6
16.Ground (-Ve supply voltage )0

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